Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do It!

Today, I am sharing with you an idea that came to me when I needed a better way to keep my family organized.  Several people have duplicated it and adjusted it in size and material to fit their needs. This is how I did it:

I purchased 35 clipboards and spray painted them with black chalkboard paint.

I then lined up the boards in 5 rows of 7, and then with vinyl (I have a machine, but you could use a stencil, or print out on the computer) I cut the days of the week and placed them atop the highest row. I used a small piece of wood painted chalkboard black for the months, and outlined a border around it with ribbon. I stuck small squares of 3m dual locking tape (I like it better than velcro, because it all sticks to each other any way) to each board in the bottom right hand corner, and then printed out numbers, cut and laminated them and attached the dual tape to the backs. I finished it off by tying a cute bow on the clips.

I change out the numbers with each month. When we receive invitations, reminders, etc, we just put them on the board and it keeps us on track.

Now, I have a very large wall that accommodated all those boards. If you do not, you could use the miniature clipboards, or you could just do a week calendar. I have one friend that used roofing tiles to create her calendar. Use what works for you! Do it! You'll be glad you did!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall is here!

My habit this time of year?! Apples, pumpkins, cinnamon, cloves and wheat! 
 I am a little embarrassed that I never got my Halloween pictures posted, so here you go:
Why, yes, I DO change my house for every season! I have so many ideas floating around in my head, I must get them out and onto the canvas of the spaces in my house! I will share some more pictures with you over the next few weeks and give you some ideas of how to bring a little of the season into your own home (without changing the whole place!)
 In November, I love to celebrate the harvest and the bounteous blessings we receive from the earth. One way to bring that bounty indoors, is to stand some wheat stems in a pitcher or vase, or even just tie some jute around a bunch of wheat and stand on a table. In the above photo, I have dressed my breakfast table with a simple old wood crate filled with my apples, the wheat and a pie pumpkin. It sits there as a tribute to the changing colors and gifts from nature. And yes, the apples are actually for eating! I may be addicted, but I am not cracked!

 Happy Fall, Y'all!

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