Wednesday, September 7, 2011

...and now, it's tomorrow!

heh heh heh...thanks to my internet crashing, then my mouse not working, It has taken me a lot longer than I planned to post this. Sorry! But, here are the rest of the instructions for "weathering" a piece of furniture.

You'll need a sander, and some medium weight sandpaper...{I used 100 grit}

Then, start sanding the edges of your piece:

Then, sand off paint in places where it would receive wear naturally:

Lastly, look it over and see if the wear looks even. If not, sand a little more. Voila! Behold your finished piece!

You can also antique the piece, (with antiquing medium...another post)if you want a little more age added to it, and of course, you can finish with a spray finish or wax {especially if it will be outside}.

YES!!! I still have a BIG announcement... but, I want to make a separate post for that. So, enjoy this little tutorial, and I will post again tomorrow. Promise.

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